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5 Settembre 2022
Suggerimenti dal vivo
16 Settembre 2022
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Suggerimenti dal vivo


Suggerimenti dal vivo

1 week until September shows begin!


Helena wonders why English people call her “exotic, dramatic and spicy” when she’s from Portugal. She also wonders why her boyfriend puts milk in tea. A comedy about cultural differences and the misconceptions English people have about Southern European people, and vice versa. We sat down with the writer of Spicy White, Carina Simões, to discuss the play that will be taking our stage by storm between  19-20 September!

What inspired you to write the play ? I moved to London in 2015 as a Portuguese migrant and have been struggling with ideas of identity ever since. Spicy White is an exploration of cultural and class differences with a focus on the overwhelming anti-immigration rhetoric making the lives of those who sought sanctity in the U.K. a difficult pill to swallow.

What is your favourite moment in the play ? As Spicy White has been an extensive labour of love, my favourite part now is to see how audiences react and relate to the themes.
Why should people come and see the play ? People interested in delving into the melodramatic psyche of a migrant living and dealing with pre-and-post-Brexit life in London should definitely come see the play.

What is your favourite play of all time ? An Evening with an Immigrant by Inua Ellams is a personal favourite of mine, although it is more of an autobiographical monologue and collection of poems. The honesty in his work inspired me to think more critically about the issue of migration and I found the magnetic way in which he employed warm humour on such a sensitive topic was an act of story-telling gold.