Il fu Klux Clan
24 Ottobre 2022
Suggerimenti dal vivo
16 Novembre 2022
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Suggerimenti dal vivo


Suggerimenti dal vivo

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It’s with great excitement that we begin previews for Zombiegate next Tuesday! It’s been a joyous and vibrant rehearsal period, and we can’t wait to kick off our next season with Matthew Gabrielli’s witty and empathetic debit play, which gets right under the skin of the headlines and hashtags around internet trolls and cancel culture.

Remi Rachuba and Theatre503 present INTRUDER/INTRUZ by Remi Rachuba

Mon 5 – Tue 6 December 2022

‘Things that happen to us. Is it fate or chance?’

Following his dream, Remi moves to Scotland to become an actor. But an ugly and vicious attack almost ruins his life.

A young Pole moves to Scotland from Poland to pursue his dreams to become an actor. When he is about to fulfil his dreams, he is confronted with a few traumatic events, which takes its toll on the protagonist’s mental health. In the meantime, the police arrest the perpetrators that the protagonist decides to meet.