Suggerimenti dal vivo
9 Settembre 2022
L’inevitabilità della fratellanza
26 Settembre 2022
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Suggerimenti dal vivo


Suggerimenti dal vivo

The first week of September shows have officially begun, and it is with great pride that we opened Salt on Tuesday night to a sold out audience. While tickets are going fast, there are still a handful available on the website if you move quickly! What’s more, we’re running a Pay What You Choose matinee this Saturday for the show’s final performance. If that’s not your bag, we have three more excellent shows on offer: Spicy WhiteFramed and finally, Edie. Read on to find out more…

Framed by Tom Murray  21 – 22 SeptemberA portrait. A disgraced Reality TV producer, waiting for a call. A room full of frames. But the frames don’t fit. The doctor says it’s all in his head – but it’s not, it’s here. He can’t sleep, he’s taken to pills, the phone should ring any second now.
We sat down with the writer of
 Framed, Tom Murray, to discuss the play that we’re so excited to be staging next week between 21-22 September!

What inspired you to write the play?

I was online and I was recommended these old clips from the X Factor, clips of disaster auditionees, people coming in and doing dreadful performances. I was watching the judges laugh at these people, just the way I laughed at them when I was a kid. I was suddenly struck by the thought that that person is vulnerable, potentially. That that person has been deluded into believing they have talent and those delusions have been preyed upon. Like they could be a product of public derision and that made me deeply uncomfortable and quite angry. I think reality TV is in some ways the embodiment of the times we live in. We are the reality TV generation and it is the new religion. It has an awful lot to answer for, both socially, in terms of its body image and our attitudes to one another, but also politically. We are the times of president reality TV stars. I did a deep dive into the various abuses of reality TV and Framed is effectively a conduit of all my thoughts and feelings.